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Products 110 of 102 ... From the High Carbon steel blade, to the tight cord wrap (Ito) and copper guard (Tsuba), this sword is fully functional in every sense. The fulltang blade extends to the end of the hardwood handle and comes razor sharp and thick. ... Take hold of your fantasy with this highly sought .

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Fully functional battle ready Samurai swords for sale. Buy a battle ready katana at the lowest price at Swords of Might today.

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Shinwa Black Knight Black Cord Damascus Ninja Katana Sword. $189.99 ... Shinwa Black Dragon Samurai Katana Sword Damascus Steel Blade. $169.99.

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Watch ZGB Episodes before anyone else for only a buck: .

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Most Battle Ready Swords are made from High Carbon Steel, but other materials have been used, ... Bushido Series Nobunaga 1065 Carbon Steel Katana 40 .

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Create a collection of battle ready katana; hand made katana are becoming collector's items. We have katanas for sale from the best makers.

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These battle ready swords are full. ... Battle Ready Samurai Swords for Sale. Battle Ready ... Hanwei (Paul Chen) Musashi XL KatanaShips Free! Regular . : Japanese Hand Forged Battle Ready 1045 High ...

This is the Japanese Hand Forged Battle Ready High Carbon Steel Katana Sword. The spectacular hand forged blade of the katana has been constructed from .

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These battle ready functional Katana are hand forged like original authentic Japanese Samurai swords. Several Katana features are available from differentially .

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